Applicants, as well as Members must recognize that it’s a privilege to serve on the Veterans Military Honor Guard of Pigeon Forge, and that members have earned this privilege by successfully meeting all Honor Guard requirements.

That said, any Veteran whose service was/is “Honorable” and “Similarly Identified Non-Veterans” who have been recommended for membership by a current member of the Honor Guard may apply. In addition to Veterans & current members of the US Armed Forces, this Honor Guard specifically recruits relatives of Veterans & First Responder members of the Police Dept, Sheriff's Dept, THP, EMS, & Rescue Squad.  

As a "Stand Alone" IRC section 501-C-19 organization, the following staffing, utilization guidelines, & restrictions will apply:

  • At least 75 % of the Honor Guard members must be past or present members of the US Armed Forces,
  • At least 97.5% of the Honor Guard members must be either a present or former member of the US Armed Forces, or spouses, widows, widowers, or lineal descendants of individuals referred to above.

In addition to satisfying minimum training standards, the above restrictions, additional considerations for membership are described in the Honor Guard SOPs.