Letter of Introduction


Americas Veterans have earned the right to expect EXCELLENCE from those who seek to honor them.

It is in this spirit that we perform our mission.


Founded on December 3, 2015

P. O. Box 1390


PFHG.ORG  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -  865-314-3915

To Whom It May Concern,


This will explain who the Veterans Military Honor Guard of Pigeon Forge is, why and how we were developed specifically for the Pigeon Forge community, and how you are asked to assist us:


   1. Leadership: The founding members of this Honor Guard are Veterans of America’s military who have served throughout the world, both in times of peace and war. Some served in combat; some did not. Some served only briefly; while some served 20 years or more. This group is capable, experienced, dedicated, and will continue to do the things necessary to make this Honor Guard a great organization.


  2. Membership: At least 75% of our members are Military Veterans; up to 25% may be Civilians, which include: Family members who are directly related to Military Veterans. First Responders of Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, and Rescue Squad.


  3. Community Support and Involvement: Honor Guards are usually developed and operated independently from the community. We have asked the community to do something they normally do not do --- be a full and active partner --- and the City of Pigeon Forge has generously responded. We believe this is what really made the difference. Additionally, we have fostered a professional, close, and growing relationship with the local Civic and Business communities, as well as the citizens and visitors to our community. Working together, this Honor Guard has become a truly valued part of the Pigeon Forge Community.


 4. Honor Guard Services: We provide and participate in various patriotic Color Guard activities throughout Sevier County and into the adjoining Counties, but the duty we are most proud of is providing the Last Tribute to deceased Veterans... We provide "Military Funeral Honors” which include some or all of the following segments:

Military Pallbearers Military

Chaplain Three Volley Rifle Salute

Sounding of TAPS

Flag Folding Ceremony

Flag Presentation Ceremony


 5. What We Ask of You: Please join us; we would love to have you. There’s no cost to join, no dues, and no obligations. We will assist in obtaining the proper uniforms for those who actively participate. Otherwise, if you cannot join us, please tell your friends and associates about us, and support us in any other way you can.


To find out more about our Honor Guard or any of our services, contact any of our Officers or Board members by visiting our website at PFHG.ORG.


Most Respectfully,


Veterans Military Honor Guard of Pigeon Forge


Serving Pigeon Forge and the Surrounding Communities